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Rules Question of the Month

1. If a player’s ball lies in a water hazard, which object may he touch during his back swing for the stroke?

A. A branch of a bush growing in the hazard.
B. A small insect moving along the ground near his ball.
C. A small mound of sand directly behind his ball.

Correct Answer is A!

Rule 13-4 States that at any time, including address or in the backward moment for the stroke, the player may touch, with a club or otherwise, any obstruction declared to be am integral part of the course or any grass, bush, tree or other growing thing.

2. True or False. A ball is unfit for play is it has mud or other objects adhering to it, or it’s surface is scratched or scraped, or it’s paint is damaged or discolored.

Correct Answer is False!

Rule 5-3 States that a ball is unfit for play if it is visibly cut, cracked, or out of shape.

* If a player has reason to believe his ball has become unfit for play during play of the hole being played, he may lift the ball, without penalty, to determine if it is unfit. Before lifting the ball, the player must announce his intention to his opponent in match play or his marker or fellow competitor in stroke play and mark the position of the ball. He may examine the golf ball provided he gives the playing partner an opportunity to do so also, and also observe the lifting and replacement. The ball must not be cleaned.