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Bunker Lesson

Do you want to get out of the green side bunkers with ease and consistency?

When we watch golf on television we rarely see the pro’s intimidated when they hit a bunker with an approach shot. With a few basic fundamentals you too can get out of green side bunkers consistently and lose that fear that we instill in our minds. Most golfers will lower their scores and do well if they have just one consistent stroke out of the bunker and simply change clubs based on the length and height of the result we need. Most bunker shots should be played with the 56 degree sand wedge. If you do need to get the ball high and quickly then we can make the same stroke using your 60 degree lob wedge.

1. Set up as close to square as possible. Remember the sand wedge was designed with an amount of bounce on the bottom that is meant to assist you to get out of the bunkers. Our body only needs to be slightly left of the target (if at all).

2. Setup with the club face hovering above the sand about 2-3 inches behind the ball (where we want the club to enter the sand).

3. Visualize yourself splashing sand onto the green to avoid having any bad thoughts enter your mind before you swing.

4. Play the ball just forward of center and slightly favor your left foot with your weight.

5. Open the club face slightly so you can utilize the bounce feature that is on the bottom of your wedge.

6. Make a full swing, splash the sand and make sure to accelerate through impact!

After this quick read you should be an expert out of the traps! If not, come see your local PGA Professional for a quick tune up!