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How do I setup to hit these difficult iron shots?

Obviously, you want to keep the ball low to neutralize the conditions.  Best advice?  

1.  Swinging at a more controllable speed (75 - 80%) will increase your chance of hitting the ball in the center of the club face.

2.  Taking extra clubs will help keep the ball lower as you have decreased the loft and backspin.  

3.  Play the ball an inch farther back than normal in your stance, and squat a little at address for stability.  A nice, firm base will keep you from losing your balance in extremely windy conditions.  

4.  Choke down an inch on the club for control and make a three-quarter swing.  Our goal is to try to stay more "on top of" the ball. Feel like your nose is ahead of the ball at impact, and your right hip and shoulder stay high through the strike. You're hitting down on it, trapping it against the turf.

So next time the gales blow, use these tips and you’ll be sure to keep your ball and your score low.