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  • Hole 1

    Hole 1

    Norman Mission Course
    Misión San Jose del Cabo

    Par 4
    Handicap 8

    Yardage Black: 371
    Yardage Gold: 348
    Yardage Silver: 326
    Yardage Red: 220

    On the Norman Mission Course is an uphill par 4 to start the round.
    The landing area is wider than it appears.
    This is one of the longest greens on the course, so make sure to check the flag position and add another 20 yards for the uphill approach.

  • Hole 2

    Hole 2

    Norman Mission Course
    Misión San Juan Bautista

    Par 4
    Handicap 10

    Yardage Black: 415
    Yardage Gold: 389
    Yardage Silver: 368
    Yardage Red: 292

    Favor the right side off the tee as the arroyo pinches in the fairway.
    Lots of room around the green, so relax and take a confident swing.

  • Hole 3

    Hole 3

    Norman Mission Course
    Misión La Paz

    Par 3
    Handicap 18

    Yardage Black: 223
    Yardage Gold: 202
    Yardage Silver: 160
    Yardage Red: 114

    This is the first of our fabulous set of par 3s.
    Plays the actual yardage, check the ocean breeze and the center of the green is your target.

  • Hole 4

    Hole 4

    Norman Mission Course
    Misión Santiago de los Coras

    Par 5
    Handicap 6

    Yardage Black: 543
    Yardage Gold: 501
    Yardage Silver: 462
    Yardage Red: 435

    This is a slightly uphill par 5, but reachable for the aggressive hitter.
    Lots of room around the green. A good short game could get you a birdie.

  • Hole 5

    Hole 5

    Norman Mission Course
    Misión Todos Santos

    Par 4
    Handicap 12

    Yardage Black: 393
    Yardage Gold: 352
    Yardage Silver: 327
    Yardage Red: 264

    This is a short par 4 with a dogleg right. Aggressive attack in the right rough line and cut the corner.
    The hillside tends to kick everything back towards the fairway. The key is an accurate approach, and short is better than long.

  • Hole 6

    Hole 6

    Norman Mission Course
    Misión La Pusirima

    Par 3
    Handicap 16

    Yardage Black: 213
    Yardage Gold: 190
    Yardage Silver: 150
    Yardage Red: 116

    Take a deep breath and enjoy the 10 miles of spectacular coastline.
    Lots of room around the green. You will need to take less club due to the 105-foot drop in elevation: (upper tees – 2 clubs & lower tees – 1 club.)

  • Hole 7

    Hole 7

    Norman Mission Course
    Misión Dolores del Sur

    Par 5
    Handicap 2

    Yardage Black: 623
    Yardage Gold: 562
    Yardage Silver: 528
    Yardage Red: 526

    Named appropriately, this long par 5 can cause mucho dolores (pain).
    Wide open fairway off the tee, but the challenge lies in the layup and trying to navigate the large fairway bunker on the left side.

  • Hole 8

    Hole 8

    Norman Mission Course
    Misión Luigi

    Par 4
    Handicap 4

    Yardage Black: 459
    Yardage Gold: 425
    Yardage Silver: 389
    Yardage Red: 326

    Long, uphill par 4. Ideal tee shot is over the right side of the rock outcropping.
    A bailout is provided right of the green and there is plenty of room to get up and down.

  • Hole 9

    Hole 9

    Norman Mission Course
    Misión San Jose Comondú

    Par 4
    Handicap 14

    Yardage Black: 350
    Yardage Gold: 320
    Yardage Silver: 296
    Yardage Red: 276

    Perfect hole to press the bet. Aggressive players will carry the left side of the center fairway bunkers.
    Safe option is to layup short and use a short iron to make birdie the old fashioned way.

  • Hole 10

    Hole 10

    Nicklaus Marina Course
    Puerto San Blas

    Par 5
    Handicap 5

    Yardage Black: 517
    Yardage Gold: 496
    Yardage Silver: 452
    Yardage Red: 415

    The 10th hole is a medium length Par 5 and might be reachable for the long hitters. The uphill Par 5 places a premium on the tee shot. The ideal tee shot is to take it at the left fairway bunker, as the hole slopes left to right, and allow the natural slope to bring it back into the middle of the fairway.

    Golfers attempting to reach the green in two, will have ample space to miss, with bail out areas provided left and right of the green.

    When hitting your approach to the green, be sure to calculate an extra 12-15 yards to compensate for the rise in elevation. The green is protected by two deep green side bunkers which guard the front of the green.

  • Hole 11

    Hole 11

    Nicklaus Marina Course
    Puerto Campeche

    Par 3
    Handicap 15

    Yardage Black: 202
    Yardage Gold: 178
    Yardage Silver: 169
    Yardage Red: 137

    Two-level green that runs right to left; right section of the green is the smart play regardless where the pin is.
    A bailout is provided on the right, where a good short game will help you save par.

  • Hole 12

    Hole 12

    Nicklaus Marina Course
    Puerto Los Cabos

    Par 5
    Handicap 5

    Yardage Black: 625
    Yardage Gold: 589
    Yardage Silver: 559
    Yardage Red: 518

    This is the longest hole in Los Cabos. Favor the left side off the tee as everything slopes right.
    Check the yardage on the approach, and take note that long is better than short, due the large greenside bunker.

  • Hole 13

    Hole 13

    Nicklaus Marina Course
    Puerto Mazatlan

    Par 4
    Handicap 9

    Yardage Black: 401
    Yardage Gold: 368
    Yardage Silver: 350
    Yardage Red: 302

    Decision needs to be made whether to thread the needle off the tee.
    Safe play is a tee shot short of the bunkers, but that will leave a longer approach into the green.
    A bailout is provided right of the green.

  • Hole 14

    Hole 14

    Nicklaus Marina Course
    Puerto La Paz

    Par 5
    Handicap 1

    Yardage Black: 581
    Yardage Gold: 517
    Yardage Silver: 496
    Yardage Red: 451

    Nothing peaceful about this challenging par 5.
    First decision is whether, or not to carry the arroyo off the tee.
    Once safe, decide on how to maneuver the second arroyo short of the green.
    Check the yardages, play smart and par will be your reward.

  • Hole 15

    Hole 15

    Nicklaus Marina Course
    Puerto Escondido

    Par 3
    Handicap 17

    Yardage Black: 216
    Yardage Gold: 187
    Yardage Silver: 159
    Yardage Red: 85

    This is the final par 3 of the round and well worth the wait.
    Tiny green almost seems hidden among the dunes. Factor in the bunkers and wind and it will make you feel satisfied with your par.
    Center of the green deserves a tip of the cap.

  • Hole 16

    Hole 16

    Nicklaus Marina Course
    Puerto Manzanillo

    Par 4
    Handicap 7

    Yardage Black: 498
    Yardage Gold: 435
    Yardage Silver: 424
    Yardage Red: 352

    This is the longest par 4 in Los Cabos.
    Finding the fairway is essential, as a long iron/wood will be needed to reach the green.
    The large bailout area right of the green is the miss on the approach.

  • Hole 17

    Hole 17

    Nicklaus Marina Course
    Puerto Salina Cruz

    Par 4
    Handicap 13

    Yardage Black: 383
    Yardage Gold: 342
    Yardage Silver: 301
    Yardage Red: 188

    Uphill tee shot to a large, wide fairway and favor the left side.
    Approach shot needs to be precise as the green is only 22 paces deep, and be sure to take at least one extra club for the uphill approach.

  • Hole 18

    Hole 18

    Nicklaus Marina Course
    Puerto Veracruz

    Par 4
    Handicap 7

    Yardage Black: 441
    Yardage Gold: 419
    Yardage Silver: 395
    Yardage Red: 327

    Check the yardage to the lake and bunker, and be sure to factor in the downhill run the ball will have.

    Favor the left side off the tee, as the fairway slopes right.

    WThe approach needs to be precise due to the multiple levels of this green.